Key Topics

From an in-depth discussion with Professional Athlete Li Ki to Star & Disney India’s Sanjoy Gupta, the 2021 event addressed the cross-section of OTT, Digital and social media by looking at the different methodologies, challenges and innovations from all corners of the Asia-Pacific region.

  • How to drive fan engagement through innovative digital experiences
  • Transforming your organisation with the adoption of technology into processes
  • Exploring how is digital being used to grow fanbases and marketing reach
  • Challenges of launching streaming services in different APAC markets
  • Uncovering how OTT be used to attract audiences with varied consumption habits
  • Broadcast technology for the new viewing experience
  • Unpicking how content owners are addressing their main strategic social media challenges
  • Outlining the social platforms that are engaging fans across APAC
  • Understanding how data should influence content creation strategies

The latest sports business news, insights and opinions from the APAC region.