Key Themes for 2022

SportsPro APAC 2022 was about uniting a fragmented region and exploring the new era of the sports industry. We addressed how each of the localised regions are approaching their business strategies, with a focus on Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, China, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Media Consumption (40%) (2)
Media Consumption

Broadcast & streaming • Social • Esports • Monetisation models • Consumption trends • Gamification & sports betting

The possibilities of digital distribution are challenging every facet of sports business and culture, while APAC, a continent of dizzying variety and rising economic power, is attempting to move ever closer to the centre of the sporting world. Join us as we look to explore the state of play in sports broadcasting and media consumption trends across this fragmentated region.

Future Tech

Web 3.0 • NFTs • Blockchain • VR & AR • Ownership economy • Tokenisation

New technologies are driving a sports business revolution. For some, the rise of Web 3.0 has come with a myriad of economic and engagement opportunities. For others, they remain shrouded in mysticism and mystery. What’s undoubted, however, is they’re the hottest topic in sports business. Update your knowledge as our experts unmask the mystery and explore technologies at the centre of the industry’s transformation, and how they can propel your business.

Live Events 

Procuring major live events • Emerging stadium technologies • At-home matchday experience • Event risk management • Hosting major events • Evolution of live sport

Live events are the heartbeat of the sports industry. However, Covid-19 has ensured they are fraught with uncertainty. Discover how leading rights holders, properties and host destinations are managing the transition to hybrid events and transforming the in-venue experience to maximise fan engagement and monetisation opportunities. Now more than ever it’s crucial to stay ahead of the game so that you can adapt and thrive in the post-Covid era.

The latest sports business news, insights and opinions from the APAC region.

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